Feb 29, 2012

Wardrobe Staples: Silk Shirt Pt III

After a very long pause, blogging again feels almost like a diary of sorts. Lots of things have changed. Ma recherche d'un logement est terminée pour aujourd'hui. With house-hunting and settling down resolved, je vis dans une auberge. La chambre que j'ai occupée is small, but large enough for now.

A friend was talking about self-cultivation as the every day tasks we perform in our lives. Just like we cultivate the soil in a way that is better than sustainable, we strive to restore and enrich it. Perhaps we cultivate ourselves. In practicing my near-east languages, learning some statistical techniques, getting better at the (paying) job, supporting and caring for one's important relationships, even over long distances, increasing data-work speed, figuring out the shortest commute, indoor gardening, travel in both body and mind, maybe we seek to also leave ourselves better than we were. Perhaps dressing our bodies each day is no exception?

Here are these pants that have become routine on non-work days. Frankly, I think they work for my office. I have seen supervisors in graceful tank tops and lace pants. The look could work because the sober look of gray silk crepe in a lady-like blouse makes the pants less rock& roll.

If I were left with only 6 items of clothing again, like the "6 Items or Less" challenge, this blouse and shoes would certainly be included.
As much as I love these pants, they would be excluded because work happens 1/3 of my waking hours, on about 70% of my days.

Je pense que je devrais create a uniform of silk blouses, knits, and trousers. With a button down and some ankle boots here and there.


La Copine


  1. Good to have you back, I've been missing your postst! Love your outfit, particularly the blouse, I need some silk blouses in my closet!

  2. You look amazing and I can't wait to see what projects you have.... Good to have you back lady. ... You have a new follower :) .