Jan 16, 2011

I6L - Six Items or Less : Day 1 out of 30 - 1st dimanche

Black acetate sunglasses, Prada; Golden necklace attached to sunglasses, my mother's; Blue silk scarf, old; White shirt/dress, ebay; Black tights, DKNY; Black flats, Tahari diy-ed deconstructed; Navy silk dress, Mint by Jodi Arnold.

It has been so exciting since last week to wait for the first day of the week to start. Yay for Sunday and it being a sunny day! (silly pun intended, so sue me, haha).
And so, it is suitable to begin the challenge this way. This Sunday is a day of pleasure reading, writing, jotting down ideas in a cafe, and chilling with my brother. I can't wait to hunt down [another] perfect cashmere scarf, the perfet pair fur/shearling-lined boots and the all weather botinnes. The botinnes must be low enough to work in the warmer months but comfortable enough for the winter. I will be hunting for a pair with a smaller but not too pointy toe, I like the length that the pointed streamlined silhouette would create but want the comfort of a round-toe. They must be somewhat classic, not noticeably trendy, high quality leather, beautiful but effortless. After all, these would fill the hole for those ultra-versatile, low-heeled bottines.

Have a beautiful Sunday, mes chers!

-La Copine Minimaliste dans le Atelier's Closet


  1. Gorgeous. It's wonderfully casual, yet SO chic! I love what you've done with the scarf; I sometimes do that pirate up-do in the car in the summer. You look far more effortlessly elegant in it than I ever do! Your first outfit is a raging success!!

    I look forward to seeing what botinnes you choose. I was looking a few days ago, but didn't find anything. We'll see!


  2. Oooh what a fun outfit!!
    I haven't actually worn the shoes out yet, but I'll let you know how they are when I do :D

  3. I was really curious what your outfits would look like! great to see the first one! x

  4. A crisp white dress shirt is always chic !

    Mon Mode Blog

  5. @ Aesthetic Altertations,
    Thanks! Haha, the scarf stays in place until the wind starts to hit it. The messier look is cooler, though. Oh summer!
    I can't wait to see which ones you find!

  6. @ Marielle,
    Thank you. I was very curious too, haha. I still am.

  7. @ Zanah,

    Thank you! I love white shirts. They are so worthwhile. And your blog is so inspiring.

  8. Hi! :) Wow your blog is so cool! Love your outfits. Good luck with the 6 items or less challenge! Hope you can stop by sometime :)



  9. Ethnic but elegant outfit, a good mix between eat and west!!


  10. I really love this outfit, especially the shirt which is great! Very elegant outfit indeed :)



  11. Thanks E and Amelie. =)
    @ E... I never saw this look as "ethnic" but the bright colors do remind me of the sea and fruits. I can only wish my style could approximate some exoticism to lend if only a barely perceptible dose of imagination-capturing mystery. Hah, I wish.

    @ Amelie Oh, i love this long shirt. It is one of my favorites and i can only wish to get another because i will miss it once it is finally worn to shreds (which, at this rate, will be very soon).

    @ E... and Amelie: You are so lovely!

    @ Amelie, It is such

  12. So chic! The gather at the back of the shirt is such a simple but striking detail. I think I'm going to be thoroughly inspired by your project.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  13. I love the pop of color that the scarf adds to the outfit!


  14. i really like the back detial of the shirt
    and i wanna put my hair like that too
    but for some reason looks not good on me

  15. love the coat! you look so classic!