Sep 28, 2011

Blue dress


A post by, perhaps, my favorite blog(ger),OneSleeplessNight, who was in turn inspired by Ines de la Fressange's Parisian Chic, is the perfect backdrop for the following list. Said list was actually inspired by an article from Vogue Nov 2007 title "On Having Enough". This is what I am wishing, right now, to make of my wardrobe:

1. A handful of tailored blazers in dark colors, one or two in a bright primary color and in beige. 
3. Dresses. dresses. dresses. 
2. Six or seven pairs of trousers, from navy to beige, and two or three really fun pairs, tailored but very comfortable to travel, walk, and run for the train. 
3. About five skirts, some with volume and some fitted. 
4. A pile of cashmere sweaters and cardigans in blacks, browns, navy, and various fun colors. 
5. Some bags: brown patent Cole Haan that looks gorgeous, fits my laptop and anything necessary for a weekend away, flushed Arcadia tote, and a bunch of fabric totes to carry purchased goods. 
6. Men's shoes, flats of various kinds, some eccentric sneakers, and boots. 
7. A small pile of hats in brown and black. 
8. Jewelry: vintage, faux, and real. My absolute favorite ring is probably not real and I wear it almost daily.

In fact, I am reconsidering everything that I own and considering the 5PFWM challenge, inspired by yet another wonderful blog and blogger, 0000.

It could be that I will no longer have to wonder questions like: Why was this dress sitting unworn for various seasons? Why was the other luxury dress that I blogged recently also just hanging there? Oh, but maybe these are not even the right questions. Any conscious answer would be a lame rationalization of my illogical behavior.

What can I do to break my wasteful habit of acquiring things for "someday".

The decisions to acquire things and then let them drip into shreds inside a closet were there. They were probably not made consciously. True, I am a hard-working, commuting, young professional and not one of the glorious "ladies who lunch". Now here are some quick ways to wear a luncheon garment to lunch-hour chatter.


-La Copine

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