Sep 9, 2011

Additive 30X30, 21-Day Challenge, One-Year Wardrobe Reformation: Month 1 - Week 3 - Wear something in an unexpected way

Ateliers_2011.09.08 (4)

Perhaps it is not obvious, but I tend to stay away from tying items of clothing. It turns out, with this cardigan, that the buttons were not the best part of the cardigan. A buttonoctomy took place. The cut looked much better after the aforementioned procedure. With this newfound freedom, the little piece had it's first buttonoctomy reaction, and it knotted near the stomach. Much to my relief, it did not approximate the knotted shirt crowd too much. Ah, a knotted cardigan! Well, c'est unusual enough pour moi =)

Ateliers_2011.09.08 (5)
Ateliers_2011.09.08 (6)
Ateliers_2011.09.08 (7)
Ateliers_2011.09.08 (8)
 Ateliers_2011.09.08 (9)
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-La Copine

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