Jul 30, 2011

Black Pants: Part Quatre

If you read this post, you are already familiar with my praises for the perfect black trouser. The odds are that you are even more familiar with the wardrobe-builder, perfect staple: black pants. Clean-lined, seasonless, well cut, well-fitting black pants go from boardroom to ballroom. This is perfection.

Wardrobe Staples: Silk Shirt

This skirt has gotten some non-stop wear since I started my quite terrific new job.  a colleague and I have been outside a lot while we are working on Project A. It arrived to my wardrobe in perfect time for the massive heat wave of last week. This skirt was a small gift from ma mere, promptly presented to moi, and after feigning disinterest, it was snatched and worn almost non-stop for a week. Thanks, mother!