Nov 3, 2010


Yes, je confess, je suis still obsessively into the minimalist trend, epitomized by that pair of perfectly-cut black pants. Je vraiment covet all things Jill Sander-esque, and have a career wardrobe to confirm this. But, at times, [ok, mor often lately] minimalism is starting to feel like baking/admiring the perfectly made plain bagel in comparison to the panettone, brioche, and angel cake that the opulent, glam-luxe, and floaty-pretty respective trends have to offer. And, while comparing bread types to runways may seem a bit out-there for most, it seems to offer evidence for the following point: je suis une fille eccentrique. Donc le minimalisme,
from head to toe, every day, is just very tough to pull off for an eccentric like myself. Hence, the interest in juxtaposing the perfectly cut opaque pant with at least a slightly more intricate statement sheer blouse.

The point here is not to distract from the perfection of what already is the that perfect piece, but to add another perfect piece that enhances its well-madeness, perhaps. To paraphrase from a master of minimalist fashion, Mr. Calvin Klein, minimalism is a philosophy that involves an overall sense of balance, the art of subtraction, an indulgence in superbly executed cut, quiet plays of color tones and clean strong shapes. So, to borrow from our previous metaphor of fashion as baked goods, there is nothing wrong with an artfully made plain bagel, especially if it comes baked with the perfect, delicate taste.

However, as Mr. Manolo Blahik put it when he said that about half of his design were controlled fantasy, the fun of fashion is that it changes. It can be referenced when cementing or expressing one's own, individual style. It has whims. Imagination. Art for its own sake. Its image. Its dream.

And so, while, minimalist pieces can be the most moving, the most important, the base of one's style, whimsy is also essential for an atelier's-closet-coveter like moi. Ne croyez?

Corner details oversized black sunglasses, acetate, Armani Exchange;
Apliqued sheer black blouse, silk, Rachel Roy; Skinny black trouser
pants, wool, Vince; Black Liv t-strap pumps, leather, Frye.

Also, sorry for taking so long to get back to you but, yes, I did run the giveaway =) I copied and pasted each name from the comment section of the comment shoed any indication or interest in the ring.The order of the copied/pasted names were randomized on There was a total of 10 eligible bloggers and randomly assigned a number to each. On a different window, chose a random number between 1-10. The number selected by
the latter site was applied to the list generated by the former and the winner is 8, Emily Yeh of Beauty Overflow. Congrats.

Ah, and I'm dying to show you some colder winter, more dramatic ensembles. What do you think will go with these Alessandro Dell'Acqua Fall 2005 rock star skinny black pants?

Lehit ar'ot!

הנערה בבית בארון של האטלייה

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  1. totally in love w/ the embroidery work on your blouse ... the close up is fantastic, xx