Mar 12, 2011

I6L x 30 Recap

I was just browsing through my old style notes...
Oui, dès que j'ai décidé de prendre soin de mon appearance, the nerd in me started studying the books and taking notes in a notebook that  je garde toujours to this day.

It is near incredible. It seems like it has taken me until 2010-2011 to try out the advice that I so carefully studied and annotated at the library on 11/24/2007. It would have saved some pain, no? Then, you also have to have the lifestyle. Mon style as a Vanderbilt student afforded cashmere, wool dresses, and red pouts every single day. The days of wispy sequined luxuries and floaty whites for everyday are overshadowed by the more professional/corporate looking attire. Perhaps the real world is a wake up call to teach oneself the discipline to have style out of a tiny armoire or weekender bag. I am still learning.

In fact, I am still teaching myself the discipline to keep my funds until I really fall in love with a piece and it's price is not as big an issue because I will have waited for it. It has taken the I6L challenge and books and blogs on minimalism to approximate a mass-media-independent approach. Icons who have excellent taste seem to be able to wait. They are patient, it seems, because they are confident in their own visions.

Soon there will be a post on my absolute essentials and the summer's must haves (already in my "summer clothes" closet/bins).
The last month of posts from the I6L challenge focuses on these soon the basics.

It takes a while to start purging consumerist urges and be more mature about the value of the dollar. After all, most of us work for our money and "women on a budget can't afford to buy cheap clothes." as stated by the Calgary Herald in "Stop the spending spree!". The truth is that I sentenced myself by mere curiosity and perhaps the subconscious drive to simplify my life a little. And my closet was becoming the ubiquitous American woman's garment graveyard.

More than the years of notes that I've taken, the I6L challenge really changed mon way of thinking when shopping. So far Jusqu'à présent, j'ai acheté un blazer in silk by Anna Molinary, revived mon Giorgio Armani black suit, and acquired the Ferragamo Varas in black patent in my perfect size and width.


  1. this is a really cool idea! i don't know if i would ever be able to make it through!!

  2. Great post, and I'm truly amazed how you manage to put together so many different looks with so few items! I'm working on putting together a good basic wardrobe, but it's tough. For some reason now that I purged my closet, I find myself in need of most basics now! I don't even have a pair of jeans at the moment! Well I guess this just goes to prove how wrong I have gone with my previos purchases.

  3. great idea
    love something of all the outfits

  4. Usually when I'm impatient, I end up buying an "almost" which in the end costs me more because those "almosts" don't have longevity in my closet.
    I like the way you show how the same pieces can be remixed into creating different outfits.

  5. Love the collage, it looks great all together!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


  6. I love your blog. Your style and vibe are great.

    Please check mine out and if you like it follow me back, id really appreciate the support!

  7. Seeing this was totally amazing! Seeing as I work in fashion, I'm not sure whether I would be able to do this but I certainly would try!

  8. G: Thanks so much! I am glad you liked the challenge progression. Are there any 6 items that you would choose if you had to choose right now?

    Charlotte: Thanks! Your blog is pretty cool. I loved the post on clutches.

    Samantha: I'm glad. What did you think of the challenge?

    PPP: I feel the smae way. Hopefully this challenge helped me in some way change the approach that leads to spending my hard-earned resources on almost-perfect things.

    Yajaira: Cool! What did you like the best?

    My Favourite Things: Yes, this really put my editing to work and my bad choices to the light.

    Shelby: I did not know either! Haha.