Proposal for The Minimalist Wardrobe Project: Pt. II - I6L Chosen pieces


So, I spent the last 3 of my daily 6 waking hours per day making collages and trying things on. IIt' is a strange feeling when you are doing something and look at the clock and it's three hours after you thought you'd be done!
The challenge is exciting but also intimidating. Yes. "Mari, decide only six items which you will wear for an entire month for all your various activities, from working, to studying, to traveling, to meetings, to little nieces and nephews and errands and chores indoors and outdoors. "

Mes chers lecteurs, thou shalt know that most of the items from the tiny capsule have been chosen! Yay! Right? Ehem. Well. Making sure of one's choices may take the natural-high out of this one, but may save some headaches later on. Alors, let us examine a thing or two before engraving the choices in stone, lifting the anchors, and untying the ropes, and turning on engines for cette voyage. Oui?
If you read the previous post regarding my indecision, the skirt and jeans were chosen as the two bottoms. The skirt is just soooooo comfy and warm and hugs my body in a very feminine way. The jeans were chosen because they are the most casual piece in the capsule, are the only non-near monochrome piece (the dress is a very dark blue) and thus are very unique. The trousers  would have definitely been my choice if the silhouette were slimmer and cleaner.  
Allright! Ready. Set. Go...
Yes, you! Yes, noooow! Move, you heifer Mari!
Not yet? Ok.

A great way to examine the choices before engraving them in month-long stone will be a list. Lists are not really my favorite (mine feel get overwhelming, quickly finding a hiding spot in the very bottom of a bag to only be found and captured weeks later). However, I came across a list of goals from a fellow S6L participant, Nebetya. She wrote down a list of "things" that might be accomplished as a result of this experiment. To me they woule be less like a wish-list and more like a series of hipotheses in this (far from scientifically valid) case study/experiment. The experimental control in the same subject within the same income bracket three years ago. Confounding factors are numerous.

A-  The subject will spend less money on clothes. Possible change in interests and/or activities. Will shopping be no longer be this girl's past time?
      a) Spending will decrease overall.
      b) Spending will shift to other categories that are already characteristic of the subject, but less so then clothing items are pre-intervention. These include accessories, shoes, travel, gifts, books, electronics, jewelry, entertainment, and dining. Possible shift in interests.
      c) Spending will shift to new categories, which were uncharacteristic of the subject pre-intervention. Possible change in interests.
B-  Change in emotional attachment to existing or new items, change in number and intensity of craving for new items, including clothing/accessories as well as unrelated categories. Will moi want things more or want things less?
      a) Increase in attachment and/or cravings.
      b) Decrease in attachment and/or cravings.
C-  Higher-end items are different in durability, comfort, aesthetics, and versatility then items of lower-end, high-street or no-label brands. The challenge will be test them for quality through accelerated wear and washing life. They will be eligible for review at the end of a second or third cycle of the experiment. Was is this worth for my hard-earned money?
      a) Higher-end items have higher quality.
      b) Higher-end items have lower or equal quality.
D- Intervention will have an effect on the characteristics of items that subject chooses to wear post-intervention. A pattern will emerge related to I6L challenge.
      a) Subject will choose pieces similar to those worn during intervention.
      b) Subject will stay away form pieces similar to those worn during intervention. 
E- Feelings or excitement or anxiety  will change in response to everyday styling, event styling, packing, and fashion. Am I going to be relieved from the challenge of choosing the perfect outfit for each day and each occasion, or will I be less excited to get dressed every day?
      a) Subject's positive feelings regarding styling will increase and/or negative feelings will decrease.
      b) Subject's positive feelings regarding styling will decrease and/or negative feelings will increase.  
F- Subject's attitude and feelings toward minimalism will change.
      a) Minimalism will become more comfortable and usual to subject's styling and/or extent to other aspects of subject's life.
      b) Minimalism will become uncomfortable and less common in subject's life.

So, how did you like reading a psychology major's blueprint for a term paper? Haha, Jk.

Let the challenge begin. 
-La Joven Examining the Atelier's Closet


  1. Love the hypothetical analysis. :o) Good luck!!



  2. I would NEVER be able to do this...it is soo cool that you're challenging yourself like this :D

  3. This really does seem like a challenge! Wishing you luck with it!


  4. The fact that you're doing this is so impressive! Frankly, I think you have exactly the six pieces to make it work. Each is beautiful--a real treat to look at.

    Plus, it is nice to stop thinking about something for a while--refreshing, enlightening. And it's nice to start thinking about something else! Like bangles and scarves and bears, ohmy!