Dec 20, 2010

Blue Sky Gaviotas en el Aire

This is another take on chambray. It seems to pair with this skirt that Mom and moi thrifted a few weeks ago. It has the prettiest seabird print. It is reminiscent of the country club in the caribbean where we used to throw all of our parties. As kids we were too bored to stay inside, so we'd go out to the beach area and count the birds, scare them, and play with the little crabs digging holes in the sand.
The print is really the interest in the skirt. Mon premier reaction was to cut it and make two skirts out of it. It is, perhaps, too voluminous for the length. A temporary fix was the side knot to reign it in. But there is something in moi wanting to keep the alteration temporary. That something wants to keep it long. Perhaps it's mon lunacy?
That is quite possible.

Also, I think that the boots are too tall for this look, no?


  1. I love your jaket! and I think the boots don't are tall for these outfit!! kisses from Barcelona!

  2. Love the outfit girl! But try it with other shoes

  3. love the coat...
    thanks for the comment on my blog..
    hope you follow.