Feb 13, 2011

I6L - Six Items or Less : Day 29 out of 30 - 4th Dimanche

Black Sunglasses, Proenza Schouler; White shirt/dress, ebay; Huge cashmere scarf around hips, on sale at some fancy store; Long baroque pearl necklace, consignment shop; Leopard tights, no idea; Beige wool coat, Vintage; Dark brown suede boots, Latitude Femme.

Feb 12, 2011

I6L - Six Items or Less : Day 28 out of 30 - 4th Samedi

There is that one accessory that makes you feel glamorous despite how man y hours of sleep you got last night, ho much work is on your desk, or how uncool you feel that day. Vous n'oubliez that pair of oversized Prada sunglasses, those gorgeous ferragamo flats, or the heirloom earrings that you wear all the time...

Feb 11, 2011

I6L - Six Items or Less : Day 27 out of 30 - 4th venerdi

 Ma mere took this photo of this day's look. It was a nice break from the self timer. The vintage hat was such a great deal from this amazing shop in a tiny, tiny, tiny town in Massachusetts. 

Also, I've worn this sweater/dress/coat so much that it's piling all over. I find that Vince cashmere can be the softest but not the most durable. The J.Crew black sweater, conversely, looks much better with very little any piling. It seems that J.Crew cashmere is better in quality than Vince cashmere is. On the quality talk, the no-name shirt looks brand new. I am almost sure that the shirt came from a department store. To balance the fancy Vince's disillusion, the vintage angora skirt has no piling or any other signs of wear whatsoever. Good to know, eh.

Bisous, mes chers.

La Copine

Feb 4, 2011

I6L - Six Items or Less : Day 20 out of 30 - 3rd Venerdi

Mes chers lecteurs,
Pardon for the past few days lack of posts. J'ai pris des photos de


What would one be doing at this hour?
Well, a reasonable person would be sleeping. I am joyfully and quietly singing love songs in different languages just because the house is all mine tonight.