Aug 25, 2011

Gloomy Rainy Day

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Oh, to live through a rainy day. I mean to really live it. To enjoy the perfect break from heat-waves in the summer. Just hearing and watching the water fall like a giant shower onto the city.
Rain can be soothing. Safe, even.

Rainy days also inconvenience. sometimes mildly and sometimes greatly. Have you ever arrived home with the uncomfortable feeling of wet clothes? Perhaps some of us do not enjoy our hair looking frazzled, or our outdoors field days likely ruined. Most grown-ups that je conais don't enjoy running around in the mud. It can also make some people kind of grumpy... or frumpy.

Donc, j'ai été très happy to find this trenchie in a pile of clothes that my mère had purchased. Stoked! Isn't it funny how these things work out? She did not even offer it to me because pink furthest from favorite and most florals are somewhere in that neighborhood too. Yet this one somehow works.

Also, I am in love with this summer skirt. It is bright, in linen, and excellently cut.
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(Pink/white floral trench coat, cotton, Ann Taylor; Blue/green striped tee, cotton, Old Navy; Bright red/pink/coral skirt, linen, Grace Elements; Black hat, wool, Nine West; Red/tan duck shoes, rubber/leather, Sporto.
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La Copine Sèche Sous la Pluie

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