Aug 17, 2011

Closet Reformation: Proposal

Young adulthood and economic freedom should come with warning signs, or at least big green banners like we see on the highway, telling us what exits and roads are nearby. One of my figurative highway signs should read "Clothes-Hoarding in 10 miles".

Yes, it is much fun to be a clotheshorse and to collect nice cashmere, silk, wool, cotton, linen, leather, vintage, contemporary, designer, mall-rack, color, neutral, monochrome, patterned, solid... well, you get the idea. My closet will be put in line. Maybe someday my items for any given season will all fit in my existing closet and giant dresser and storage bins without the need for storage suitcases.

Perhaps you've heard of "The One-Year Wardrobe Project" from Roth at He took all his stuff to an extra room and only put things in his closet after wearing them at least once. The rest went out to be donated. It's interesting. Are you thinking that it might be a good thing to do? Good for you, I support it too. And, I won't be doing that.

Yes, back to the closet reformation. I like what did. I won't be committing to that either. But I will go in that direction. Yes. Do you agree? Good. Because I will. Right?

This is perhaps 5% of what I have:

And this is my ideal:
Or this:

 Well, not quite this minimal! And you believe these pictures? Ha, in any case, it's good to have some goal. Better unrealistic than completely absentso the saying goes, right? No? Is it, "Better late than never". Well, I like my saying better. And that's how my saying goes.


-La Copine


  1. Wow! I don't own nearly as many clothes as that, but it's still a good idea! I'm dreaming of a paired down wardrobe with only items I love, but I know I have a long way getting there:)

  2. I'm trying to imagine having that many clothes if your 5% estimate is accurate. I love the idea of simplicity, though, and totally get the ideal.

  3. I would need a lot more hangers than that!