May 17, 2011

Weekday Uniform Lately


If you have, like most american women, ever told yourself that you have nothing acceptable to wear, you understand me. It was impossible to have a semi-decent look in 4-minutes.

So, dernièrement, j'ai remarqué un certain comportement that is absolutely uncharacteristic que of moi. It seems like the items in the wardrobe as all great quality and fit well. That nearly, impossible goal was achieved by a clotheshorse. Dressing consumes little time and effort.

The secret may be in a change in the way of thinking. The acceptance of a signature look. The function-oriented organization of space, at least the wardrobe. Looking in, there is a very small segment of less than a dozen button downs, organized by textile and then by color in my closet. Next to them is a hanging row of roughly five trousers and two skirts. Below them are three (yes, only 3) pairs of shoes and one purse. Above are a few knits, neatly folded. For the past month, such has turned very easily into a weekday look.

It, strangely, just started to happen. Above is a very typical everyday outfit with absolute favorites perfect for that day, an unwrinkable vintage trousers, a vertically striped shirt, the essential pair of sunglasses, and the one purse with my old college co-ed frat still hanging as a sentimental souvenir. A knit may or may not be layered and a silk scarf will make its way onto my body at some point during the day. Most weekdays are variations on the look. Lazy weekends may involve some denim, more knits, jewelry, and much less structure.

For now, the ease comes about because of that certain formula. The signature. That uniform. Yes, that uniform, if you will.

I used to dislike the idea of a uniform or signature. I disliked it because of the same reason why I dislike the large Celine tote. Because it seemed ubiquitous. There is the question of whether we are witnessing a fashion-revolution or cheapening originality and substance. The uniform trend may end like wars, eras, companies end. The world changes. What is greeted with a nod today may not be tomorrow. Hopefully the idea of the uniform is taken for its true worth, no less, no more.

For the rookie, it may or may not help to develop an image through formula dressing. The formula certainly helps you determine what suits you, then you can branch from there. The only slight danger may stem from forgetting to experiment a little every so often. Structure and habit are helpful. Just don't let them limit experimentation, adventure, discovery.

Have you always felt the way you do now about having a certain uniform?


La Copine


  1. Hi Miss :) I discover your fashion blog thanks to your lovely & enthusiastic comments on my blog PRINCESSE SISI :)

    I truly LOVE your sense of style and your elegance :) I add your blog on my favourites <3 I am your new follower number 43 ;) I hope you will follow me back !

    Bises from Paris,

    PS : I will publish a post about my hair care very soon :) stay tuned !

  2. Princesse Sissi: Thank you. It is an honor that you stop by and even say these kind words anf add to favorites. Hugs from a NYC girl in the suburbs.

  3. Hey darlin'..
    Really like your blog! Lots of nice pictures and god inspiration..
    You have a very nice sense of style.. Verry chique!
    Wanna be followers? Let me know!

    Love from Stockholm :)


  4. You look very elegant. I like the idea of a uniform or a formulaic dressing, especially when I'm rushing to get out the door in the morning, I can pull blind in 60 seconds and know that what I grabbed works.