May 2, 2011

Tentative weekend uniform

Khaki silk shirt, vintage; Black wool cardigan, bcbg; Black/silver pants, Alessandro Dell'Acqua; Black peeptoe leather shoes, very old.

While we loved the beautiful maxi skirt and wide-leg pants trend, there is one classic that will always come to the chic girl's rescue almost unconditionally. This classic's underestimated style power has been reviewed previously on this blog: The skinny black pants. Oui, la maxi of this season is lovely. But the black pant goes beyond, as a staple. What I never thought was that adorned skinny black pants would become a staple, my perfect alternative to the intolerable leather pants.

Last year I bought my first pair of perfect, skinny, black trousers. They changed my attitude toward dressing. My attitude changed even more so after completing the Six-Items-Or-Less Challenge. The lack of recent posts is due to this change, refocusing energy and planning from whim to realism.

The first question that flourished was "What is the purpose of this and is it working?". Mon cluttered bedroom turned into a much more functional space, no longer bursting with vintage silks, far too many jackets, minidresses, shoes, sunglasses, scarves, books, magazines, and pieces unused. The small closet and the large dresser now contain pieces that pay in wear of the space that they occupy. Roughly 75% of clothes are workhorses, suitable pieces in heavy rotation, favorites fit from the job's dress-code to the casual personal time. The remaining 25% are statement pieces for weekend and social events. The skinny black pants are a weekend and personal-time favorite. Whoever would have thought?

My change in attitude allowed me to revisit this original statement piece. These particular skinny black pants are not the obvious epitome of versatile classic, but in the context of classics, they are actually quite easy.

Molti baccinni,

-La copine nell'armadio dell'atelier


  1. I really love the proportions of this outfit — may I just suggest you alter the pants instead of rolling them? The cuff is a bit heavy and the rest of your outfit is so light and playful.

  2. G : Thanks for your comment! I will try to alter them myself next weekend as I have an issue trusting strangers (even if they are experts) with my nicer, irreplaceable things.
    Your comment is very helpful =D

  3. Those pants are outrageously good. I like your 75%-25% ratio.. I might actually use that!

  4. Great pants! I too would hem them, though I like the idea of a skinnier cuff a la Isabel Marant. I switched out my closet this past weekend and was pleasantly surprised to find that the only items I needed to get rid of were old, yellowing t-shirts. I also realized I have more than enough clothes, I should take a shopping break this summer...

  5. Asha:
    Thanks! I am pretty happy about them. They were such a typical impulse buy that turned out to be an absolute favorite. They would have had to be donated of sold, if they were not backed by a wardrobe of basics. Yay for basics!

    Koko // res pulchrae
    Thanks! That is an excellent idea. Keeping them just long enough to to a small cuff might be just the trick. Ditto to the shopping break. I felt that there were not enough days or occasions to wear it all.
    What if your most effective way to go about keeping a shopping break?

  6. Those pants pretty much rock!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, it means a lot to me! :o)


  7. Your outfit is so chic and classy : perfect :) I LOOOVE your trousers ;)