May 22, 2011

Tentative weekend uniform II

The early morning started with an outfit quite different from this. It was actually a repeat of this one. However, after a quick trip home to get some items for my niece, this is how the outfit transformed. The boldness did not turn into a regret at all (surprisingly), even after meeting an awesome med resident who reminded me of my super-missed friends now in med-school or recently graduated. Hearing nerd-talk was even cooler with an officially/deceptively non-nerd uniform on.
I am still planning to hem these pants as wisely advised  by  the very writers of the blogs that I admire most.  I still have not put the time aside for this particular task. However, the lack of hemming did not pull away from the strong interest in hemming.


La copine bien trop occupĂ©


  1. those pants are so cool
    and yeah i decided not to go to see chuck berry ,its in sept though but still not going

  2. Marella & Isquisofrenia:
    Thank you! I was in awe and made them into an impulse buy. Then had *no* idea how to wear them. Then made them into a weekend staple. =D.

    Yes, =) There will certainly be other amazing chances!

  3. Those pants are quite fantastic! I love how you styled them, I have to say though, hemming would be quite ideal for these bad boys, plus it would totally be worth it. :)

  4. Those pants are amazing. Love <3