Feb 12, 2011

I6L - Six Items or Less : Day 28 out of 30 - 4th Samedi

There is that one accessory that makes you feel glamorous despite how man y hours of sleep you got last night, ho much work is on your desk, or how uncool you feel that day. Vous n'oubliez that pair of oversized Prada sunglasses, those gorgeous ferragamo flats, or the heirloom earrings that you wear all the time...
The signature could be a color, or a haircut, or a silhouette type. 

Some of us are still defining that signature. Who knows if it will be the same three months from now? It does not have to. But, don't you admire the ones who do have it down?


La Copine


  1. pretty skirt - long and lean

  2. i love the skirt and top combination, especially how slouchy and drapey the top is. so lovely!

  3. I love a fabulous pair of shades! You look magnificent.

  4. @ Yajaira
    Thanks! It is my favorite skirt and my new go-to staple.

    @ jennifer
    Can you believe it, the dress really works as a blouse and i would not have realized that if it were not for this challenge.

    @ Prêt à Porter P
    Me too! I think that I regard sunglasses the way many women regard shoes. I need to be able to walk in my shoes, but the shades provide the fantasy and thus I splurge on them.