Feb 1, 2011

I6L - Six Items or Less : Day 17 out of 30 - 3rd Mardi

Please pardon the absense of posts. For the past few days, the outfit has been house/sleep-wear (i know, gasp!)  due to the worst cold of the year. But we had enough of that silliness, no?
Some of the comfort remains in my Dansko heels. They really are way more comfortable that any flats I've ever owned. Luckily, they are not chunky or granny-like in any way. Here is some free publicity, Dansko, because you let an ambitious girl have her cake and eat it too.


  1. The scarf made the loks os hcic because it gives a touch of "Mistery" to the outfit. ANd the pearl necklace is laso cool ;)


  2. Still doing great on your challenge! I've got so much respect for this project.. I would never be able to do such thing!

  3. I never get the feeling you're repeating items at all, well done!