Nov 16, 2010

Black Pants: Part Trois

Mes chers lecteurs,

La vie est tress stress and busy suddenly with work and a flurry of entertaining occasions. However, what fun is life if one does not have, well... fun?
So, while my favorite aunt was staying with us, representing her university to sign an international studies program with one in the USA, she took mom and I thrift shopping!

"Why so excited?", you might ask. "After all, that is one of your favorite mother-daughter activities for every weekend." Well, true, mes chers, it is and so is looking at car sales. But it is always so exciting! Even though, this time, I carried all the bags, I was in luck: We found this gorgeous top!
...well, I quietly found, purchased, bagged, handwashed, dried, and tucked away this gorgeous top. Oh, but you shall know that many a pretty beaded piece over a size 6 seems to end up in someone else closet as soon as it arrives home.

A secret? Well, it will no longer be a secret that this one is a si

Nov 3, 2010


Yes, je confess, je suis still obsessively into the minimalist trend, epitomized by that pair of perfectly-cut black pants. Je vraiment covet all things Jill Sander-esque, and have a career wardrobe to confirm this. But, at times, [ok, mor often lately] minimalism is starting to feel like baking/admiring the perfectly made plain bagel in comparison to the panettone, brioche, and angel cake that the opulent, glam-luxe, and floaty-pretty respective trends have to offer. And, while comparing bread types to runways may seem a bit out-there for most, it seems to offer evidence for the following point: je suis une fille eccentrique. Donc le minimalisme,