Feb 13, 2010

Packing Light Challenge: 12




Hello!!! Welcome to the final day of the packing light challenge. Je suis quite excited to have done this. It really put shopping in perspective and made us see how much we don't really need. So, next time we find ourselves looking at a garment at a store, we can ask, "Would I this be a favorite piece that I just could never leave behind?". Of course, shopping is so much fun! And it should be. Clothes and shoes can be gorgeous art. Just make sure you're editing too. A functional palette with some well-done favorites can really take a girl though moving to and settling in a city for long enough. Je used black, red, and gray because these were super flattering, well-made favorites and Je would never leave behind. From the Express little black dress to the Dolce & Gabbana shades, they are important for moi. For another girl it might be a bright yellow Zac Posen dress, gray Nine West boots, and a rugged, beat-up watch. Whatever it is, it should be something that you would not dare leave behind if moving to a new city.

Besos y besiticos,
La Chica en el Atelier's Closet

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  1. OMG! I adore that ring!

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