Jul 3, 2009

Gap into Alexander Wang DIY

[Blrown Studded shield sunglasses, Marc Jacobs; Black T-shirt dress, Gap; Leopard colored graphic ankle boots, Franco Sarto; Copper Arabic Coin necklace, Flea Market]

Turned this Gap T-shirt dress with Scarf into a DIY of the Alexander Wang stretch dress. Although his version is in white, black is so much more preferable sometimes! Ah, yes, you love black. It is the perfect color.

Also! Mom and moi drove to the flea market! Got lots of goodies, which you will see very very soon. This Arabic coin necklace is one of them!! Yes, very moi. Well, some of us just cant help it.

And did you notice the sun came out from its hiding place? Welcome back Mr. Sun.
Cup of Chai Latte to celebrate,



1 comment:

  1. the DIY really makes it interesting. it takes a simple piece and makes it very chic and sophisticated. great post!