Jul 21, 2009

Bright into the 80's


As you know, I've been on a skittle-color roll these past few days. You also know how Mom and myself have been on a thrift rampage since.. well, since forever. She wears a rolex and a chanel bag with nothing but thrifted jeans and buttondowns.

So the other day, I was scouring through the suits and men's ties at the church's thrift when someone tapped me on the shoulder... so lightly. It was mom holding these bright high waisted paper-bag, stupidly bright pants.

They do go with everything, because any outfit will be [fill in the blank] with those 80's pants. And we all know that townies will point, no matter what, so might as well make it worth the while =D

The best part? There was a broken hook so they were free. OMFG. I guess the best part, in fact, is how annoyingly conspicuous they are. Also, I bought the wickedest McQueen for Puma shoes and a mink stole among other things. This outfit is among the other things. Except for the patent Sofft sandals. I've been running around on these all day and they feel like sneakers!



Thank you for reading!

-The girl at the atelier


  1. awesome. love wearing a designer but with vintage finds. constantly wearing my vintage flannels but with a balenciaga or chanel too. thriting is the best

  2. wow, you have such an awesome style!!
    love all your outfits

    much love