Jun 17, 2009

Come on, come roaring!

Been really obsessed with beaded and embellished pieces lately. This is one of my absolute favorites. A friend got it in India for mon birthday. Yaaaayyy! J'étais très ecstatic! Still am! It was loose on top, so after some needle work, it fits.

The first thing that came to mind for a day look was this Ann D. Jacket from her Spring 2005 collection. Speaking of which, can't wait to show you a certain new vintage little short sleeve jacket! Somehow the best beading embellishment comes from either India or tiny Eastern European countries. Haven't figured out how to wear the beaded jacket other than with jeans or a t-shirt dress. What do you think? How would you do it?



Black sunglasses, polarized, Marc Jacobs; Beaded flapper dress, silk and sequins, Chaudry Sport; Cream and gray peeptoe pumps, patent leather, Nine West Air; White blazer, cotton, Ann Demeulemeester;


  1. hey its angieO from chictopia- you asked how you would wear a short beaded jacket other than jeans or a teeshirt dress... i think maybe depending on the color of the jacket- maybe an offwhite frock with grey opaque tights?

  2. I can totally see this, angieO!. It's gray silk with silver beads. Can't wait to try this! =)

  3. its angie again
    woohoo! go for it- you're adorable I can't stress it enough!
    do you have other people take your photos?