May 25, 2009

Vintage Shopping in Tucson

Guest Style Inspiration: Shop Girl at Desert Vintage

Since the first time I shopped here, I've had such positive experiences with the staff and the prices that Desert Vintage is my favorite vintage shop anywhere near the southwest.

Walking in to this shop is very much like being Alive in Wonderland walking into a timeless treasure chest. Time and space simply vanish. Past vintage handmade silk saris will be a series of crinolines and tutus, past vintage Mexican sundresses, past an exquisitely beaded art deco gown from the 1920s, past a row of 1950s pinup sundresses, past 1970s hipster apparel. The girl at the Atelier's Closet had the chance to introduce you to the owner and the shop girl at this hidden treasure chest.

Atelier's Closet- When did Desert Vintage first open its doors and what is the history behind it?
Shop Girl- Katheen came from New York with her sister in the mid 1970s. They are both vintage enthusiasts. Her sister opened the store across the street, called, "how sweet it was".
AC- That's so cool. I like that store too.
SG- Yes. They're sister-owned shops.
AC- What makes you like working here? are you a vintage enthusiast as well?
SG- yeah, definitely. I've always been interested in vintage clothing. I've shopped here since i was a teenager. And so i knew the owner because i came in so often. One day came back from vacation and ended up needing a job. So I just talked to her and she was very friendly about it.
I love working here because I really appreciate vintage and fashion history.
AC- This is really fun because the owner wants to do this and has been open for more than 30 years.
SG- Yes, exactly. And there are so many people in town who love her shop.
AC- So all this time. what are the best sellers, the things that people usually come in and ask for?
SG- in our shop, especially in the summer, people love the Mexican vintage dresses.
Those go like hot cakes, really fast. Then go the pieces from the 40s and 50s that are really hard to come by and the 50's day dresses. Costumes are popular in the fall. The flapper and gypsy clothes go really fast for Halloween.
AC- Is there one thing that you want to put out there for all of us?
SG- Oh, gee, that's a lot of pressure. A closing statement. Come in and check out or shop. It's full of really special pieces.

3 Dollar Silk Scarves!!!

I've been wanting a crinoline for so long. I really, really want this blue one.
I'd wear it in so many ways, under and over all my dresses, and skirts, and leggings...

I want this crinoline so bad! I had already bought so many scarves and a hat.
I still want this one.

Me Trying on a Native American tribal woven Belt

These saint's bracelets are so Latin American outdoor market. Each saint is meant to protect you in a different way and bring prosperity, romantic love, and find things lost.

Can you see the address?

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