May 28, 2009

New Twitter Account and Tubac's Art District

I just joined the bandwagon and opened a twitter account !!! I suspect it will never replace facebook, or the real world. Partially because i love touching things and browsing and walking. Speaking of browsing, there are some many art galleries and little shops Tubac Plaza. There is a feature on this really good one. And one of my favorite shops is Janes Attic. I can't wait to write about her shop.

I’m always coveting several of the pieces in Jane's Attic and I’m dying for this pair of earrings in the last picture. I thought it would be an impulse buy and also i'm on a shopping ban since i won't be able to carry stuff back home. Still, I’m wishing that I got the fringed beauties. At the time $20 for a pair of gorgeous earrings was above my shopping limit. Especially because I had no idea how to wear them everyday. But oh, how I want them. Now, all I do is covet those silver and leather fringe pieces of Southwesterness. I'm still happy with this really bright “Latina scarf” like my friend calls it. Haha. Well I love it because it keeps my hair from ruffling up too much under my gigantic “roof” floppy bronze hat.

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