May 22, 2009

Last Minute Errands

What a day!
So I ended up on a last minute ticket to go meet him in Arizona. And also a succulent dinner at nice Brazilian steakhouse in Phoenix, "Fogo e Brasa". So fun! So sweet of him..I guess. I thus had to spend all day and night running last minute errands, preparing luggage, and planning for future dates for us in Tucson.
That means running all over Boston and Cambridge before my flight too. 3 hours of sleep= Huuge sunglasses, lots of OJ, and a scarf that doubles as a blanket.
Too bad my brother was coming to visit this week. I’ll try and get the brother down here for his first trip to the Grand Canyon and maybe California and St. Louis…. We’ll see what we can do :)
Running around any city makes a girl thirsty. It was so strange, I could not find a place with fresh juice, except for Whole Foods. Even my favorite latin restaurant that serves the freshest “aguas frescas” was out.
I passed plenty of wonderful little shops, while running errands in the city. I found the prettiest Rebecca Taylor aqua dress on sale and a pair of Manolos that were my size. Ah, but i refused to carry anything more than my 1-month wardrobe carry-on. I was already carrying the 7 packages to mail that I sold on the shop 1 and the shop 2.


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