Apr 1, 2009

What is Style?

Coco Chanel once said, "Fahion is made to become unfashionable." While fashion and style are functional products of art, from drawing to sewing, clothing garments are not always so. Consider the fleeting nature of trends. Those are designed to fill the Prada wallets of some and to empty those of everyone else. If fashion were to remain fashionable, those nice wallets would be thinner. That craze is a mixture of is mass group psychology and good capitalism... not the art to which i refer.

A mindlessly produced under-tee, though a timeless object, may not be art. Yet, that doesn't mean that an "of-the-moment-craze" in fashion is either. Style and Fashion are art the same way that a Vincent van Gogh, a Warhol, or a though-out Lanvin shoe is art. It is not meant to become unfashionable. Rather, it is someone's interpretation of the world and of themselves. Use your own environment, insticnt, ideasn and emotions, and interpreting them into a canvas, using paint, pencils, fabrics, clothes, shoes or even pieces of plastic. Yes, great movies, the runways, and celebrities can be
good sources of inspiration. However, art is true to the artist. Do not forget to be true to yourself. Try not to let the media decide what you like. After all, style is insticnt... dressed in practicality.

-- The girl who wants to raid the atelier's closets

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