Apr 24, 2009

Perhaps it is not consumerism that makes people want shoes. We don't necessarily want to buy them just because they're there. There is a lot of detail that goes into selecting a pair. It may feel like walking into a gallery and carefully choosing a piece of art. The icing on the cake is that sometines one can even afford it!

The year before I decided to do high school in New York, my boyfriend was an Italian-Dominican 17-yo painter. He and I used to go to art libraries in between school and art exhibits. Walking into one of his and his dad's exhibits had the same feeling as walking into the coolest boutique, I would later discover. A year later, the Guggenheim exhibits still evoked the same feelings as the Marni boutiques. Shoes are art. A piece's functionality does not need to take any artistic value away. Sometimes function is merely a byproduct of the art.

The other day, I went by the Jimmy Choo store near copley and I swear there was a pair like these. Except, these are actually affordable by college women who will not be done with school for the next 9 years.

I’ve been drooling about and ogling these since they showed first their gorgeous selves in a boutique storefront. There is so much art to shoes that nothing else can really accomplish. Sam Edelman considered every detail in these stilettos. These are feminine, edgy and ladylike, but still tough and sexy. The heavily studded Grecian T-strap features gorgeous metallic golden bronze copper piping and a sleek tapered heel. It is art how the heel sits toward the arch. I thought the several belt straps at the ankle would be inconvenient, but there’s a back zipper too!!!m The rear zipper makes it extra easy to take on and off. It’s also so sexy!
Every time I put these on, it makes me want to seduce somebody ;) !

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