Apr 20, 2009

My Blushing A+O and Butter!

The other day I got lost in cambridge! It was the most swesome thing. It was not on schedule to inadvertently meet a group of Italian tourits at a tiny ice-cream cafe and ending up giving them a 40min tour in my butchered Italian. It was also not on schedule to meet "the one". Not what you're thinking about!

It occurs to some of us that getting off the T randomly and walking southwest on the River street is a good idea... This time, it was! There are strings of multinational little restaurants, really reasonably priced and so many nice little shops. One of my favorites shops in the northeast is Second Time Around. Why? Aside from reducing the need to produce things, thus saving the planet, It is where I meet the likes of "the one". No, not boys- that's just silly. It was this Super sofffft, buttery, leather motorcycle jacket I had been in much want of. This one is just so special with these gorgeous detailing but it's still lightand cool bad girl in a sophisticated way. I've been wearing it literally every day at some point in the day. When the (really stylish and bilingual) shop girl introduced us, the Encore piece and myself were owl-eyed with recognition. I squinted and it said M, when I am XS. But it liked me back! It fit perfectly! Just the one. We felt like we've known each other for years. So unique and interesting and still so ladylike and tough.
The butter to that Alice + Olivia little white smocked dress i've refused to part with. It's sold out and a girl offered to buy it off me on the street for $400.00. It was too me to let it go with the pretty store owner lady. Here's me goofing off in the ensemble =P

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