May 22, 2011

Tentative weekend uniform II

The early morning started with an outfit quite different from this. It was actually a repeat of this one. However, after a quick trip home to get some items for my niece, this is how the outfit transformed. The boldness did not turn into a regret at all (surprisingly), even after meeting an awesome med resident who reminded me of my super-missed friends now in med-school or recently graduated. Hearing nerd-talk was even cooler with an officially/deceptively non-nerd uniform on.
I am still planning to hem these pants as wisely advised  by  the very writers of the blogs that I admire most.  I still have not put the time aside for this particular task. However, the lack of hemming did not pull away from the strong interest in hemming.


La copine bien trop occupé

May 17, 2011

Weekday Uniform Lately


If you have, like most american women, ever told yourself that you have nothing acceptable to wear, you understand me. It was impossible to have a semi-decent look in 4-minutes.

So, dernièrement, j'ai remarqué un certain comportement that is absolutely uncharacteristic que of moi. It seems like the items in the wardrobe as all great quality and fit well. That nearly, impossible goal was achieved by a clotheshorse. Dressing consumes little time and effort.

May 14, 2011

High-School Reunion

Images from daily reads: golestaneh-streetstyle, Stockolm Streetstyle, Street Peeper, La Parisienne by Ines de la Fresange

We have all received that wonderful invitation. As this summer approached, I am sure that you have or will very soon. The college/high-school reunion is that amazingly cool opportunity amidst a femme's tress busy life to meet up with the most amazing people from academia. The girls that you wish to have within your city lines. Yes, I want to see my awesome friends on the weekends again!

So perhaps it's a little difficult to say it out loud, but the only worry about the event is what to wear to it. Je voudrais penser que je suis profonde et intellectuelle. Styling should come naturally, as an afterthought, perhaps. Who are we fooling?!  Of course it's not effortless! I'd look like a crumpled cow or wear PJs every day if it were not for some dose of effort!

What do you recommend? 

May 2, 2011

Tentative weekend uniform

Khaki silk shirt, vintage; Black wool cardigan, bcbg; Black/silver pants, Alessandro Dell'Acqua; Black peeptoe leather shoes, very old.

While we loved the beautiful maxi skirt and wide-leg pants trend, there is one classic that will always come to the chic girl's rescue almost unconditionally. This classic's underestimated style power has been reviewed previously on this blog: The skinny black pants. Oui, la maxi of this season is lovely. But the black pant goes beyond, as a staple. What I never thought was that adorned skinny black pants would become a staple, my perfect alternative to the intolerable leather pants.

Last year I bought my first pair of perfect, skinny, black trousers. They changed my attitude toward dressing. My attitude changed even more so after completing the Six-Items-Or-Less Challenge. The lack of recent posts is due to this change, refocusing energy and planning from whim to realism.