Sep 21, 2011

Today's Outfit


This dress exemplifies a rather unusual behavioral pattern pour moi; an impulsive luxury. This dress may very well be my only impulsively chosen luxury item. It is an example of subconscious changes leading to behavioral changes. It was acquired along with a very couture leopard silk cropped jacket. The jacket went back to the store in one day. I still wonder if I should have kept the jacket. The dress has stayed in the closet. In the store it was just the best thing, absolutely perfect. In my wardrobe, it never seemed appropriate for any occasion.

Last night I needed the hanger and, absentmindedly, put it on a hanger over a white shirt that was already on it. Place the giant, vintage, men's cardigan that I was given when I volunteered for a local fund-raiser this weekend, and voila!
I can see the dress twinkle knowingly, in a pretty accent, "You see? I can go many places."


Metallic dress, silk, Dolce & Gabanna; White shirt, cotton, Talbot's Kids thrifted; Black belt, silk and metal, from a  Missoni dress; Black tights, nylon, not sure; Black shoes, leather, vintage; Bracelet, some designer, my mom's jewelry box(es); Black Sunglasses, acetate, Burberry.


-La Copine

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  1. It's a great dress, the fabric is especially beautiful.