Sep 16, 2011

Additive 30X30, 21-Day Challenge, One-Year Wardrobe Reformation: Month 1 - Week 3 - Remix an Item

Ateliers_2011.09.09 (2)

While being far far away, started making lists of things. It is rather odd to find myself writing things just out of my head right onto a notebook with no clear purpose. I started to seem that a list of items might really help simplify the task of developing a suitable wardrobe and perhaps help with the upcoming task of moving into a small apartment closer to work with a roommate.

Here are the items that would make the cut:

A great-fitting favorite coat
Cashmere sweaters
Merino v-necks
Striped white and navy silk shirt
Blue silk shirt
3/4 sleeve silk dresses
Wool trousers
Silver flat shoes
black flat shoes
black patent flat boots
Silk scarves
2 pairs of black sunglasses
Brown Sunglasses
Cream or tan sunglasses
Black berets
Silk Scarves
Some gold chains
3 silver and 2 golden rings
Silk Scarves
Cashmere scarves


-La Copine

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