Additive 30X30, 21-Day Challenge, One-Year Wardrobe Reformation: Month 1 - Week 3 - Wear a dress or skirt

Ateliers_2011.09.11-1.11 (3)
This is, perhaps, my favorite outfit this summer. Perhaps this speaks to the items that I should be keeping and the ones that should be purged. This dress must definitely make it to the 30 items being kept this month.

 Ateliers_2011.09.11-1.11 (4)Ateliers_2011.09.11-1.11 (5)Ateliers_2011.09.11-1.11 (6)Ateliers_2011.09.11-1.11 (7)Ateliers_2011.09.11-1.11 (8)cream Pot visit 3 (3)cream Pot visit 3 (1)cream Pot visit 3 (2)cream Pot visit 3 (4)
Breakfast at The Cream Pot.

-La Copine

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