Aug 27, 2011

Closet Reformation: The Plan

Some of us would do well with the now-famous Parisian minimal wardrobe method. My life-style involves a good amount of traveling, with a semi-nomadic history. There is always a home-base somewhere, and a notebook, pen, laptop, and toothbrush in my bag. Yet, my homebase is overflowing with things. Really. One girl: 4 closets/armoires + 1 big dresser + 5 storage bins + 1 small rack.

Oui, ce'st plenty to wear. Mais, il ya aussi too much to carry. Perhaps a good way to start are the travel capsules: the I6L, also the 7 easy pieces during the fall with 1 week of outfits, and the
Light Travel series made in preparation for and during a domestic trip in the winter.

Many people have this amount of things (most American girls that I know). I would much rather not. Or at least have them in doses. A Closet Reformation must be put in place. Prepare to be reformed, closet(s)! ;P

I mentioned, "The One-Year Wardrobe Project" in this last post. I also mentioned the 30x30 challenge in which you wear 30 pieces for 30 days. In addition, this will take part in the 21-Day Challenge. I will do a hybrid. It's only logical... Of course it's not logical.

I-Starting from the pieces worn and posted this week and going forward.

1)Add pieces to the wardrobe. The editing process will be selectively additive, not subtractive.

2)The pieces added will follow daily challenges. Initially, these challenges will come from The 21-Day Challenge. Then, they will come from yours truly.

3)The items worn to eventually complete a 30-piece wardrobe. When the 30 pieces are complete, the addition will stop and the 30 items will be remixed.
The wardrobe will be the result of what was worn, thus retroactive.
The 30 items should be complete by the end of the challenge(s).

II- The process will be repeated with or without variations until the initial problem was solved and a wardrobe was reduced enough to accommodate a semi-nomadic lifestyle and a migration-prone history.

Je suis très enthousiaste to start making collages and proposals for this. I was thinking of restricting everything to one palette like in the I6L.

These are the items that I have been wearing for the past week:
Experimental Challenge
(Images from:, and atelierscloset )

What do you think? This is the start, but more transitional pieces should be included, no?

-La Copine Avec 30 Ampoules Sur la Tête.

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