Feb 4, 2011

I6L - Six Items or Less : Day 20 out of 30 - 3rd Venerdi

Mes chers lecteurs,
Pardon for the past few days lack of posts. J'ai pris des photos de
la plupart des outfits and days, but have been busy with other endeavors and have not posted them. Here is the very fun photo shoot of Friday morning. In the afternoon, Je portais une longue jupe en vertu de minidress for the sake of modesty, but was happy to run around in my cozy tights and mini dress and coat for most of the day. This is one of my favorite looks.

(Sunglasses, Burberry; Fur scarf, not sure; Tights, some Italian brand; Shoes, diy Tahari; Belt; Mint by Jodi Arnold /came with dress; Coat, Vintage)


  1. Hi Mari and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I love the outfit, and that ring is just awesome! You have a great style!

  2. cute - love your tights
    i recently bought a shirt like that one - i will do a post when i wear it - cute!

  3. It's wonderful seeing all of these looks. It underscores how elegant these pieces are--how chic and perfect for your shape and aesthetic. Inspiring!