Jan 4, 2011

Proposal for The Minimalist Wardrobe Project: Pt. I

Dear Readers,

What would you think if I told you that I am volunteering to participate in the S6L (Six Items or Less) experiment? Would you think that this is a public fashion-suicide letter? Perhaps a plan to murder my dress-up and shopping excitement? It could be all of this. Or maybe better. 

This letter may, however, be more similar to a birth certificate or a proof of pregnancy (from Ms. forever auntie hahaha, but I digress), if you will bear with me. This is very moi-ish. Yes, Quite characteristic. Je plan to embark on a super exciting project! Can and will we be able to wear only 6 pieces of clothing.. for a Month?

Even when we do not include shoes, accessories, underwear, or winter coats, it is still enough to stop any normal person (let alone this clothes-horse) stop and rewind. I know of Luckymag.com marketing a genius 10-piece based month of outfits with the label "In Add Minus". I think that they did a great job. However, I can only use 6. So far, here is the plan: a
purple/or brown cardigan, a gray blazer, skinny black jeans, a feminine top, a white shirt. So much planning... 

The inspiration comes from a not-so-secret interest of moi, contrast and comfort. Oui, je agree with the Frech when they say to stay in bed and wear PJs if you will sacrifice chic for comfort. But this sacrifice is not always necessary. Skinny jeans with some stretch, wide-leg trousers, cashmere, soft shirts, leather flats, and minimal make-up are quite chic, no PJs required.

Bisous, bisous, bisous,

-La Copaine editing the atelier's closet


  1. Oh, are you really going to do it?? I'm excited to see what you come up with!

  2. Sooo excited and so intimidated!! I just got my username today and am picking and taking pieces in my head. I am not one to say omg, but OMG!

  3. this is exciting! always good to take some fun challenge!!!

    btw: thanks for stopping by! happy new year and hope to see you soon, xx

  4. Can't wait to see your outfits! I'd never be able to do it! lol.



  5. Good luck! I like the inspiration collages you rounded up.

  6. i love the first outfit !

    follow me, i'm on blogger and bloglovin !