Jul 19, 2010

To mock a mockingbird


Black sleeveless blazer, Alessandro Dell'Acqua; Blue ruffled dress, Mint by Jodi Arnold; Peep-toe pumps, Nine West; Red lipstick, Urban Decay, Silver dragon ring; from Bankok.

Monday may be an awful way to spend 1/7 of your life... Unless you wear heels and red lipstick to the library, the post office, the book store, the fabric store, and the local farm-stand.

So happy Monday! Not as the oxymoronic

Jul 16, 2010

But if I loved you

Yellow shirt-dress, Escada; Caramel stilettos, Miss Me; Red lipstick, Urban Decay

Hello dearest readers. After a while of travel, moving, and living as a modern nomad, repelling men and reading huge history books... well, where was I going with that? Hmm, let's resume documenting the reasons why people in this tiny town have a tendency to stare a lot. We might argue that my personal and shared eccentricities could justify the thought. But would it not be much too easy to just blend in a little? Um, the answer is "yes, it would!"

So after the long, unmapped, unplanned nomadic weeks, here is a post of a recent acquisition and a familiar horizon. Hello, again ^_^!

Possibly my most stylish friend ever, the gorgeously blossoming E., commented that the look reminds her of a