Dec 27, 2010

Pretty Happy Duster

It was summer in Tucson, AZ and I was bicycling out without sun protection (shame on me). I stopped for cold drink and next to it, there it was. The perfect little vintage store was next to the restaurant and this little duster was misplaced right near the door by the Mexican day-dresses and the Guatemalan cloth-belts. I am considering having it lined or sewing buttons to go with my tench coat's removable liner. I will keep you posted!

Also, While packing le weekender for the winter vacation, a minimalist spirit smiled upon said luggage. The trip within the North-East with the intention of indulgently laid back laziness beckoned of moi rien but the bare minimal. The over-commercialized winter holidays support the non-conformist idea. While my host in as far from being a minimalist as a person can be, minimalism itself seems to be mon nouveau project. No New Year's resolution. I don't like those. Minimalism as an experiment? Perhaps.


  1. lovely outfit! love how you added the scarf! so cute!

  2. I lvoe the shoes and the scarf amazing :)

    Than ks for the ocmment, lvoe your blog :)

  3. I nominate you as onbe of the fifteen fashion bloggers...So, if you want, feel free to check out this post:

  4. you have a lovely outfit dear :) XXX

  5. Oh, and it is such a lovely color! What a great find. I am following your blog!

  6. I love instances of clothing kismet when you find something wonderful and unexpected that just speaks to you! I'm totally in favor or doctoring up this duster with lining or buttons so you can get more wear out of it! It's such a unique and lovely piece.

  7. i really like the color of the duster!

  8. me encanta el look!!!

    feliz 2011


  9. so pretty!!! :D love it!!