Aug 15, 2010

Current Obsession: The Skinny Black Pant

While we have all seen and loved the pretty and feminine trends of summer, the warmer diet of pretty and soft has left some of us are ready and maybe on time for a more utilitarian and cleaner approach.

La fille writing to you now is an absolute fan of the little silk dress. I live in them because they are such light travel pieces and surf through the summer with an extra pair of shoes and a blazer/cardigan, or scarf for the night chill. They work from a date to an afternoon with family and from brunch to cocktails.
However, the cooler winds will soon arrive to the Northeast, and the
night chill will turn into the all-day chill.

When making my electronic inspiration board, I was drawn more to the feminine, clean, but fun looks. An monochrome ensemble with dramatically red lips and an exaggerated but sleek side part. A flash of blue suede shoes. A black suit with patent leather. A structured trouser with a draped cardigan. A quiet, simple jolt of clean drama. Red lipstick and a classic white shirt.

(sunglasses, Gucci; necklaces, flea market; collar, cut out from thrifted mens shirt; silk tee, Bloomingdale's; belt, Mint by Jodi Arnold)

My last visit to NYC left me searching, quite subconsciously, for my first pair of clean, sleek black trousers. I bought the ones on the very right bottom corner in the first collage because they are lightweight wool gabardine and fit my height and shape. These Vince trousers were mid-range priced, but you can find a super chic alternative in any price range imaginable.

Besides, we are still in a slow economic recovery, so it is really good news that we do not have to bid farewell to our beautiful summer trends just yet. The fact is that this summer's hottest runway pieces go perfectly with cleaner, sleeker lines. Yes, I'd rather live in anything silk and unidentifiable rags, but I think that we will enjoy this new fashion season. Why, yes, Style is attitude, thoughtfulness, character. But fashion is fun! I am no advocate of consumerism, and neither is this season. Yes, cool thing about the crazy, fickle fashion weather is that it reinvents and revisits everything. So have fun!

You know what else goes amazing with anything sleek? A gorgeous Juliet and Company cocktail ring!
The giveaway is still open until next weekend.

Just leave a comment below with a funny, cute, creative, uncreative, obvious, sarcastic, non-modern-English, or super simple phrase below saying you want this ring.

I will enter your name to a randomizer and announce the winner next weekend!!!

This giveaway is sponsored by the modern woman's designer surfboard, in the USA. They are the coolest and carry hundreds of popular brands, from the polished and playful NYC-fied Kate Spade and the tres cool Paris-je ne sais quoi of Isabel Marant , to smaller labels like the art-gallery worthy Berek. :batting eyelashes and smiling:

Besos et abbracci,

-La copine en el armadio dell'atelier


  1. I want this ring.

    lol :)

    thanks for stopping by the blog!


  2. you look adorable in all these photos,I signed up for the giveaway like last week :)

  3. geez, i love these outfit pictures, they can't be more inspiring than they already are :)

  4. pants come in handy with the colder weather approaching.

  5. those black pants are really good with everything
    serioulsy i need to invest in some really good ones
    and you always lookng gorgeous
    i really wanted to thank you for always commenting
    your a sweetheart!

  6. I've been looking for a pair of white skinny pants actually haha.

  7. I would love to wear that funky fly out of this orbit ring!!! Its shine is devine and its hypnotic geometric twist and turns are mind altering. I gotta have it!!!

  8. I would love this ring-uh pleez-uh *^^*

  9. funny, I am also obsessed with the skinny black pant! and I would also love the ring! fabulous website dolls