Feb 1, 2010

Packing Light Challenge: 4

Brown sunglasses, D&G by Dolce & Gabbana; Cream scarf, silk, vintage; Cream blouse, silk, Rag & Bone; Black thermal tights, The North Face; Men's digital black watch, plastic, my brother's; Black flat boots, patent leather and suede, Via Spiga.

Some girls have been ogling this Rag & Bone top since it made its appearance at such an unlikely store. Some girls like moi touched it. Admired it. Tried it on. It made an impact. on some girls like moi. The meticulously perfect silk panels, the tiny yet bold futuristic shoulder detail, the covered buttons at the cuffs, the soft poet sleeves, flowing from the structured shell, the full lining... It was all in my mind and I finally saw it on sale in the unlikeliest place! There were only two left and one was exactly my size. And here it is. Do you remember this scarf from the trip to Arizona? It really says "Take me to Paris, you silly American girl!". "Fuss no more", replies the Perfectly clean structured, futuristic silk blouse. "Oh my, but I can't fly now! There are so many school projects to work on. Besides, who do we know in Paris? Adrien and I barely remember each other. And Edou is back in the States", Je said, pensively. "Take me to Paris, i tell you. Take me! Take me!" she replies with the shrieks of a well-mannered, soft-spoken adolescent. Yes, the kind of adolescent who bakes cupcakes and wears lace on Tuesdays.


-The Girl Raiding The Atelier's Closet

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