Jan 30, 2010

Packing Light Challenge: 2

Do you remember this mean ring from this summer?
Love it. Je cut the end part last night.
The lipstick was mother's. It was in one of those ancient suitcases full of vintage clothes that she keeps in her old apartment. It is mixed with lip balm for a softer, crushed cherry bitten look.




Black hat, felt, my brother's; White tuxedo button-down shirt, thrifted; Black thermal tights, The North Face; Black sleeveless long cardigan, cashmere, Vince; Black flat boots, patent leather, Via Spiga.

It's such a perfect day for a tomboy look. It was cold and snowy and there were practically no side walks. Hahaha. Yes, so je offset the tomboy look with rouge lips and a few coats of mascara.

Good things always come out of days like this. Since my really cool friends to let me crash at their place for a few days, Je thanked them by getting some groceries and making dinner. The bus ride was really cool. Je met this visiting researcher, a young Mr. S., who came from the north of Dublin, Ireland. It was funny that all moi could remember were Heinrik Ibsen's works and scenes from "The Beauty Queen of Leenane". Lol. At some point we were talking about research and S. asked, "Have you got a long ways ahead of you?". Je paused and thought deeply. Then, with a quizzical look, "Do you mean in life?". The young Mr. S. paused, "No, i mean in the bus."

Je suis off to a romantic dinner with my two girl friends. Muah.

-The Girl Coveting The Atelier's Closet

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