Jan 31, 2010

Packing Light Challenge: 3



Brown sunglasses, D&G by Dolce & Gabbana Red short sleeve tee, cashmere, Lord & Taylor; Gray tee, cotton, Theory; Black thermal tights, The North Face; Black flat boots, patent leather, Via Spiga.

Since the heat went out at my sister's house after a big, bad hail-storm, Je have been looking for certain warm, comfortable, little luxuries. A fur lining for my silk house jacket, wool-lined moccasins, and an entire collection of comfy cashmere t-shirts are in that list. Because the cashmere t-shirts are for wearing under house-sweaters, they must be used and cheap. Rummaging in Boston's shops, what do you think je find? The three cashmere tees that any girl would need. Here is one of them over that super soft, stretchy Theory tee.


The bus to the thrift store today was rather exciting. There were two Japanese-Brazilian ladies who were the absolute most fun. And je found some perfect pieces waiting to be further perfected. Thrift stores are like cool treasure-hunting grounds! You shall see the evidence on the next post.


-The Girl Coveting The Atelier's Closet

Jan 30, 2010

Packing Light Challenge: 2

Do you remember this mean ring from this summer?
Love it. Je cut the end part last night.
The lipstick was mother's. It was in one of those ancient suitcases full of vintage clothes that she keeps in her old apartment. It is mixed with lip balm for a softer, crushed cherry bitten look.




Black hat, felt, my brother's; White tuxedo button-down shirt, thrifted; Black thermal tights, The North Face; Black sleeveless long cardigan, cashmere, Vince; Black flat boots, patent leather, Via Spiga.

It's such a perfect day for a tomboy look. It was cold and snowy and there were practically no side walks. Hahaha. Yes, so je offset the tomboy look with rouge lips and a few coats of mascara.

Good things always come out of days like this. Since my really cool friends to let me crash at their place for a few days, Je thanked them by getting some groceries and making dinner. The bus ride was really cool. Je met this visiting researcher, a young Mr. S., who came from the north of Dublin, Ireland. It was funny that all moi could remember were Heinrik Ibsen's works and scenes from "The Beauty Queen of Leenane". Lol. At some point we were talking about research and S. asked, "Have you got a long ways ahead of you?". Je paused and thought deeply. Then, with a quizzical look, "Do you mean in life?". The young Mr. S. paused, "No, i mean in the bus."

Je suis off to a romantic dinner with my two girl friends. Muah.

-The Girl Coveting The Atelier's Closet

Packing Light Challenge: 1


Here is the travel outfit for day one. The airport was very crowded and lots of flights were canceled. There were many, many stylish people there, It seems that their part time was magazine-browsing. This is what I wore to the airport and for dragging luggage on the snow. Happy snow day!

Black wayfarer sunglasses, plastic, Ray Ban; Turquoise scarf, silk, vintage; White tuxedo button-down shirt, Thrifted; Black pencil dress, cotton, Express; Black thermal tights , The North Face; Beige belt, patent leather, Club Monaco; Black flat boots, patent leather, Via Spiga.

Jan 28, 2010

Light Travel


From top left to bottom right: Red cashmere tee, Lord & Taylor; Gray cotton cowl-neck tunic, Theory; White tuxedo shirt, thrifted; Cream silk panel blouse, Rag & Bone; Basic black pencil dress, Express; Back cashmere long cardigan, Vince; Black thermal leggings, The North Face; Classic trench coat, Vintage London Fog.


The time has come to leave Cambridge for a few months. As mentioned in the earlier post, the challenge was to fit two week's worth of Nashville winter outfits into a regular backpack along with my laptop, gadgets, writing supplies, food, and water. Lol. And I'm serious.

I will be meeting tons of potential roommates, where first impressions will be huge. I will be walking to all the potential apartments and houses and I will be moving out of my old dorm and into my new apartment. By myself. The outfits have to be presentable, portray my character, worthy of a first-impression, but also super comfortable for all the walking and heavy lifting. But remember Je have no laundry facility yet but have to stay fresh and polished for all the interviews.

The inspiration board was a huge help in choosing a total of 8 pieces of clothing and a small handful of accessories. That includes what I will be wearing on my way there as well as outerwear.

-The Girl Raiding The Atelier's Closet

Toned Neutrals Upbeat

"Be an editor. Your closet must contain amazing choices--it is much easier to be inspired when you see five remarkable pieces than when you see twenty five pieces and twenty of them are unremarkable. "-Nina Garcia

Here is a cheer to Nina Garcia and a nod to her books. My favorite Colombian superwoman, aand one of the most influential women in the USA. Here is to you Nina! (what? Don't you have an urge to drink sparkling Spanish wine when you have a booming headache and clogged sinuses at 6:00 in the morning? Oh... err. I don't either, and this is not my mother's holiday wine. ;).

Cheers and cheers to her for this, though. This quote changed my way of thinking. If we could only live by this idea, we would look impeccable.

Oh, if only... However, some of us were lucky enough to score some pieces this winter that will take us from here and now to ten years then and there. A pair of silk and wool Chloe khaki pants, a Vince cashmere long cardigan, a super long black cashmere scarf, a ruby red cashmere tee, and a lined, perfectly fitted classic trench.

It sounded like that and it still does to my sister, but timelessness is by no means boring. Yes, some In fact, it is the most fun in pieces that you can really, truly play with. Here are real women and man who style themselves with a realistic budget... and they look better than the unrealistic, touched-up, millionaire celebrities. My inspiration boards are filled with their photos. You might even recognize some of them. Here is to the boldness of timelessness. Cheers!


I'm leaving for Nashville soon and can only bring a backpack. It must include winter outfits for two weeks as well as toiletries, laptop, gadgets, writing supplies, food, and water. And that is a 19"x 18" x 8" backpack that my 120-pound, 5"5" self must be able to carry for several hours around the city as I hunt for an apartment--by foot. Oh sweet pie! The silliness of a New Yorker left loose in Nashville!


-The Girl who Wants to Raid the Atelier's Closet

Jan 25, 2010

It might rain, it might pour

Ancient motherly wisdom tells you time and again that, if yoou keep getting lemons, to learn to make lemonade. Oh yes? What do you do if the sky just pours cold water and a ringing cold on you? Seriously, bottle it and sell it to whom?

Well, for some of us it means wear sunglasses, a 1$ hat and head to the supermarket to buy lots of colorful fruits!
mmm K?

-The Girl who Wants to Raid the Atelier's Closet

Donde? Where?

¿Dónde naciste? ¿dónde vives?
Where were you born? Where do you live? En Santo Domingo aunque nunca vivi ahi permanentemente. Solo visitaba y me quedaba en el apartamento de mi mama.

In Santo Domingo, although i never lived there permanently. I only visited and stayed a few days at mu mom's flat.
¿Cuál es tu signo del zodiaco?
What's your zodiac sign?
La liebre
The hare
¿Crees en los horóscopos?
Do you believe in horoscopes?

¿Cuál es tu color favorito?
What is your favorite color?
Azul, negro, y crema
Blue, black, and cream
¿Mar o montaña?
Sea or mountain?
El mar, el mar, el mar!
The sea!
¿Te gustan los animales?
Do you like animals?Depende de su temperamento, especialmente de los animales humanos.It depends on their temperament, especially the human ones.

¿Canción favorita?
Favorite Song?
"Milord" -Edith Piaf
¿Dulce o Salado?
Sweet or salty?

Cómida rápida: ¿sí o no?
Fast food, yes or no?
Si no esta frita. Por ejemplo, me encanta la comida rapida japonesa.
If it's not fried. For example, i love Japanese fast food.
¿Cambiarías algo de tu vida?
Would you change anything about your life?
Han pasado cosas y hay personas que me gustaria que aun estuviesen vivas.
Things happen. Some people should have still been alive and well.
¿Te gusta que la gente te conozca como eres?
Do you like people to know who you are?
Soy muy genuina. Lo demas esta demas.
I'm rather genuine, so that works itself out.

¿Cerveza o vino?
Beer or wine?
¿Qué estás leyendo ahora?
What are you reading now?blogs.
¿Qué te has roto?
What have you had broken?
Casi todos los huesos, y el corazon tambien.
Almost all my bones, as well as my heart.
Di qué te emociona y no podrás tener ni comprar con dinero.
Say what you're crazy about and you can't buy with money.
Mi familia y la formacion que me dieron.
My family and how they all raised me.

El vaso, ¿medio vacío o medio lleno?
The glass. Half full or half empty?Simplemente 8 onzas de liquido.
Simply 8 ounces of liquid.

¿Te han sucedido cosas extrañas?
Has anything strange happened to you?
Si todos los dias.
Yes, every day.

¿Te consideras feliz?
Do you consider yourself happy?
Si, usualmente.
Yes. Usually.
¿Qué te gustaría añadir de ti?
What would you like to add about yourself?
Me he vuelto mas minimalista. He hecho, o vestido, o dicho una o dos cosas necesarias y funcionales, pero ireemplazables.
I've become more of a minimalist. I'll do, or wear, or eat, or say one or two things that are just necessary and functional, but also irreplaceable.

Jan 24, 2010

Snow Day!

Yesterday was an absolute danger to my health and it was well worth it. The health wheel of fortune has brought me from Tennessee to Boston, MA. After doctor's visits, and their recommendation to go straight home and stay in bad for at least two days, I nodded and headed straight home to the shops. What were we saying regarding fashion risks?

Well here are my recent ones:

Alessandro Dell'Acqua Fall 2005 Rock Star Skinny Pants

Je plan on bringing them back to Nashville and wearing them by day with a thin t-shirt or a men's white shirt and beat up denim jacket. Yes, wearing these by day and in an everyday way may sound eccentric. Most people already think that of moi and some might find that eccentricity well established. Then let the fun begin! I'm currently on bed-rest dreaming up ways to get my money's worth out of this dramatic piece. Maybe look to toreadors and mariachis for inspiration? They wear super embellished dramatic pants all the time. Luckily the back is not this studded. Sitting down will be much more comfortable this way. Haha.

Got this at a thrift store and it's perfectly beat up, aged, and softened.

Theory Khaki Blazer
It's the perfect alternative to the white blazer that's so accident prone.
How would this look with a black furry collar?


My new favorite trench! Vintage London Fog.
It's so adorable and pretty like pink blush powder.
This will look perfect with skinny jeans and big sunglasses or even better as a spring jacket.

-The Girl Raiding
the Atelier's Closet

Jan 4, 2010

Totally totaled

Finals are finally over, and I've taken a short vacation from work at the lab. It's nice to recover. How've you been? Gosh, I missed you and everybody. I totally ditched my closest friends to stay alive at school and at work. I love school and totally love my job in science, but It's so nice to write to you again! Ahhh...

As a reward for good behavior, there have been some glorious acquisitions this winter. Yes! And here are some of them. and while shopping for the Chloe pants, Salome from America's next top model walked in the store! I was looking trough the rack when she said "excuse me.". Uhhh, what to do? Gorgeous tall model walks up to me... what do i say or do? I'm from NYC and there are so many celebs walking around that you just get immune. Yeah right... I was mute. Um, what to do? So I moved aside and she passed to the other side of the sales rack. She's not a fashion icon, but is very pretty and very quiet in person, even with her family. Tangent.

For now, here is a snippet of my recent acquisitions:

Marc Jacobs Silk blend Front Pleat Khakis SS 07
the messy/preppy collection.

3.1 Phillip Lim Wrap Chiffon Red dress F 07
Inspired by Edie Bouvier Beale from Grey Gardens

Rag & Bone Gray Wool Trousers F 07
new staple

Acne Play New Pepita Trousers in Gray
Looks amazing with everything.

Mint Jodi Arnold Zelda Draped Silk Dress in Black/Navy

A Common Thread by Rozae Nichols Hammered Silk top (I Bought 3 of them, one in large)

My new Faves! Red Silk pants.

By Malene Birger Nianna Dress in Fuschia (Ahhh perfect even under a pencil skirt)

And Chloe Spring 2010 classic clean khakis! among other things...

Luv n' kisses!