Nov 22, 2009

Tie-d to you

(Jacket, Marc Jacobs; Tie, thrifted; Sunglasses, Giorgio Armani; Pants, INC; Shoes, Converse; Hat, Vintage, work backwards)


Sometimes being tied up is fine. And being tied to you is actually kind of sweet. There fore, we're back here!! Yes. After long weeks since school began, I've been a lousy friend to you, but mostly a shy one.
You see, everyone at my school is gorgeous and successful and dolled up every day. I digress that it would surely be an excellent opportunity to shoot some chic street style... If I had the guts to stop strangers and ask. Well, it takes even more courage to set up a tripod, click the camera timer, and start posing...on my own... in front of everyone. Luckily it's turkey-gobble vacation and we got this virtually empty park/yard/place to take pics in. So we're back! =)

Man, I'm so in love with this jacket. It's trimmed with braided leather and the shape is rather Channel, but with Marc Jacob's grungey touch. It was such a fun purchase! I visited an old friend in Bethesda, and took the bus instead of flying. So It was a nice treat with the leftover money. Ahh, so happy it comes out of the closet again! Yes, the jacket agrees. Just when I was about to put it back in the closet it said, "Oui, madame, j'ai été poussé dans le dos de votre placard pendant une année entière. Maintenant, vous allez donner à vos excuses. Ne vois-tu pas? Je dois être montré. Je suis une œuvre d'art exquis! Mon style est pariasian, américain bebete!".. Well, too bad I don't speak French. So I pet it and put it back.

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