Jul 28, 2009

Summer silly, summer just nuts, and summer plain wild


Haha, well, I have not worn my Free People "African Bouquet" dress all summer. And it's just kind of cool and crocheted and the skirt is the coolest gauzy material. So why did it stay in the closet? Well, dear reader, because of silly me. Mainly because it's such a layering piece that i thought might require cooler temperatures to wear with a white shirt or a turtleneck and tights.

Then the dress just whispered from the closet, "But why, silly girl?". I looked at it as anyone looks at a talking dress, and it just begged, "maybe a boy's hanes tank top, or.. or a tube top.". At this point, I was trying to snap out of the surprise factor. "Little dress, I own no such garments", I shrugged, "what else do you think you'd like?". Then it fot all excited and bright, pointing to my swimsuit drawer. Ahh, wild African florals with zebra print. Yes!! Have not had a chance to wear this zebra sequined bikini either (ice cream belly). And this bikini top might just make it summer appropriate, such perfection for the road trip!


  1. Great idea! I love that the zebra stripes peek out a little bit. That dress looks great on you!!! clothedmuch.blogspot.com

  2. OMG I love it Mami! I'm glad you had that nice heart to heart with your dress.

  3. Ah, thank you both!! That is so sweet.

  4. you are such a gud designer perhaps really are that is why you understood the dress language :)