Jul 27, 2009

of boys and silk shirts


There is something so "i don't care" sensible and fun about boy's pieces. It feels so right not to have to look professional or impress any admissions people. ahh... This freedom will end soon. So, this will likely be my uniform on the cross country trip.

The train from my town departs in exactly 60 hours. Yes, perhaps this is this blog's own little manifest destiny. We will be shooting, the only right way there is-- with a camera!!! Bringing my set of hazardous, violent full finger ings and buying clothes along the way. I will be bringing a) 1 bathing suit, b) 1 pair flat sandals, c)1 pair dress heels, d) 1 dress, e) green harem pants. Can't wait!!


  1. i LOVE wearing boys' and men's clothes and i think your suspenders are fabulous.
    the little violet dress

  2. Ah, thank you, Jane!! Yes and your blog is so cool. I love your outfits =)

  3. you pulled this look off.. fab

    yours Nathaniel