Jul 23, 2009

Wild Life

[Sunglasses, Armani; Blouse, Juicy Couture; Gladiator sandals, Sofft; Belt, Vintage; Skirt, Vintage; Necklaces, Vintage; Bracelet, Vintage; Ring, 18K gold]
I was 11 years old, once... very small framed, with wild, honey-colored hair, infinitely happy, and had the loveliest, sweetest, most loving nanny. I call her mommy, much to my mother's jealousy.

One night after homework, we went treasure hunting in her room. She had mounds of clothes. They were piled in plastic bins for years, begging to be explored. That night, below the white swimsuits, red dresses, and ripped shorts, we found this skirt. Gosh, she said, "it's still alive". Her late husband bought it at a foreign factory sale at least 45 years ago. She'd never worn it since then.




45 years seem like a long time for a skirt that feels like new. And it's so wild too. I loved it! She put it on me as a dress with a little shrug cardigan tied on top and I went to a school party like that the next day.

Go, wild wild quests!


  1. i love your necklace!

    i wanted to stop by and tell you that i gave you a kreativ blogger award. you can see it on my blog!

    the little violet dress

  2. love digging through my mom's old bags of clothes that she forgets she has. i tell her to never give anything away bc i know one day ill want something