Jul 20, 2009

Big, Bright, and Soft

Sometimes, the original purpose of a garment is tangled and tucked into a luckier one. Take, for example, this floaty blouse. It was purchased for a few cents and it was destined to the ripped and made into rosettes for a dress project. There was a tear under a sleeve. The size was ridiculously big, and the color was so obnoxiously bright that the only possible use was in pieces of it-- in moderation at that. But perhaps that is the allure. After a few pleats on the front and on the sleeves, this is the end result. A hard-to-wear, soft, floaty tunic.

Also, I just googled "neon trend" and teen Vogue advises khaki with it.

All hail obnoxiously bright silk garments!



-the girl at the atelier


  1. Great job with the shirt! Now I want to get this look by DIY-ing some of my father's button downs. *giggles*
    Thank you!