Jun 18, 2009

Things I Like: DIY and Basement hunting


Not sleepy enough for sleep, not awake enough for studying.... But there was a pair of scissors and an oversized sweatshirt that mostly acts as a makeshift dustbag for mon leather goods. There was a DIY feature on teen vogue about how to make a skirt out of an oversized red Christmas Santa Claus sweatshirt. Now it's an asymmetrically hemmed skirt with Santa as an apron. The weirdness of the shape and the dark humor in is guaranteed some more of those looks from my fellow suburban locals. Ahh, yes, picket fence suburbia. The skirt is All I hoped it would be. Perfectly mon taste.

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Won the jackpot with this oblong, shimmery scarf. To think it almost stayed behind; I could kick mon self for such neglectful shopping. Gee, I make myself laugh sometimes...


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  1. wow! loove the fro! that last photo is glorious :) love the heels too