Jun 21, 2009

Save it for a rainy day!

Hello, hello!! I apologize in advance for the poor lighting. There has been no day light today, so may or may not have"played" waaay too much with them. hmm.
Well this is what I wore!

I really wish I had that simple, minimalist style you see on French people, but this is usually what je wear on the other side of the computer screen, typing for you on my PC. There always is an excess of something... Be it accessories, color, hair, red lipstick, mascara, blush, fabrics, magazines, books, you name it, it's been there. Welcome to the other side of the screen *^_^*.

Also, the room is a mess. We just got my bags unpacked and a new bed (Yipeee!)! The hat is a vintage gentlemen’s hat and was purchased and even gift-wrapped at a vintage store as a gift for a very special person… He’s been wanting a hat like this since last fall, but I’m liking it too much with the bow, so we might have to fight it out! “Rock, paper, scissors”, babeeee. Hardcore! =P

You may have seen this minidress on a previous post. It has functional buttons on the sides!! It is very short, but I also have a short torso, so it’s bend-over-proof, luckily. No one can see my goodies. Hehehe.




Coral minidress, silk, Free People,; Gentlemen's brown hat, wool, Vintage; Little pink ribbon bow, silk, thrifted; Locket long necklace, gold 14k, Gifted; Brown shield sunglasses, "Scrambled Logo", Marc Jacobs.

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