Jun 2, 2009

(not) Another Harem Pant Post

While my love for slim and structured pants will never wane, I could not resist this lavishness! There is so much fabric on these that i almost tripped twice-- just walking in the house.

This is the only way i can wear green as it stays away from my yellow face. Frankly, I'd have bought them even if they were tired and unfashionable because of my not so secret obsession with silk and all things Arabic. Yes, I have yet to learn the language and foods of my matriarchs. But for my clothes horse self, these are just right!

They were such a lucky find, though! I'm so in love with the extravagant amount of fabric and the pleating. Also, they were mixed in the $1 pile at the church's thrift store. Score.



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  1. hmm... first sign to ure blog..
    n love it ure style..u look so outfit everyday
    nice girl..