Apr 3, 2009

WeArIng And Free

Beauty, fashion, and style are always around us, and there are those who make it like air for everyone to breathe in. Those are the ones who are taking the art from the elite money-making groups and freeing it for themselves. Those people are the free.

Generally, the most stylish people do not seem to be following any rules or trends. They become trendsetters because others want to follow and be like them, which, frankly, is easier than risking criticism from conformist friends and acquaintances. This post is dedicated to the beautiful unusuals like this gorgeous, awesome woman from garance dore. Your turban and star/porcupine earrings make me happy.

She is the inspiration for today's narrative.

I currently live in a rather gloomy, drab, suburban town. This is typical north-east suburbia. People seek to blend in and everyone drives their vans even down the street. You're in for a fun ride if you love sequins, silks, furs, layers, cashmere, asymetry, studs, super curly curls, high heels and the likes. Yesterday I wore the usual little Poleci halter, skinny jeans, the Sam Edelman sandals and a vintage Burberry trench. People at the store and at the flea market looked at me like I was crazy. Frankly, devil may care. Personal style is free. It does not belong to a particular mentality or industry. And that dress is so fun! I got it dirt cheap in Boston and the trench i got from an little old lady for whom I volunteered. Thanks Miss Jeane!!

The trench picture is a moschino, but mine is just like it. I'll take so many pics when my new camera gets here! Agh, can't wait. Here's the rest of the outfit:

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